Friday 21 June 2013

First mover disadvantage

So, Instagram has stolen Vine’s thunder and released a new version that includes video.

With some nice additions to that of Vine, such as (of course) filters, the ability to delete clips in a sequence, a longer sequence (15 secs) and touch focus it cranks it up a bit.  

And the timing of the release, shortly after stats showing that the number of Vine posts on Twitter exceeded that of Instagram, couldn’t be sweeter.

With the weight of Facebook behind them, Instagram were never going to rest on their laurels so an update was sure to be in the pipeline and with the success that Vine was achieving, it was an obvious model the mirror.

Will we see a drop in Vine usage?

Will Instagram bring a whole new cohort of users to video sharing?

Can the two co-exist, with Vine retaining the Twitter community and Instagram remaining in it's own real, where users can share comment etc. without the need to resort to Twitter.

I am sure we’ll find out in due course but for now, it’s your move Vine…

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