Thursday 27 May 2010

Don't be a dialtone

So apart from attempting to introduce a new term into the common vernacular, what exactly is a Hip Hop, Bhangra and National Anthem singing sock doing on YouTube?

Promoting Ringtagz ringback tones of course.

This series of videos (which you can see on the YouTube channel here: has been created by the fantastic guys at Movement*

* Full disclosure necessary - I'm the Technical Director at Movement but, as the results positively verify, had very little to do with the output in this case!

Ringback tones have never made much headway into the market in the UK - where consumers appear to be more interested in sharing their taste in music with those near to them using ringtones rather than more discretely with those that are trying to get hold of them - but are massive on the Continent and particularly in Asia.

One of the main challenges with ringback tones is the need for operator partnership.  In the operator-dominated market of the UK, the incumbents appear to have been reluctant on such a service, focussing instead on driving subscription revenues with downloadable content which require less technical integration.

Ringtagz  are currently only available on Orange: (check out the educational/ instructional video in the top-right) - with a broad array of tracks, tones and customisations available.  But still, ringback tones are far from commonplace.  The tipping point should come, but will need one or two of the other operators to step into the market to provide the critical mass of consumers taking up the service.

In this modern mobile world of smartphones, apps and the ever-connected device, ringback tones can provide that element of personalisation and individuality irrespective of the users device and, when you put aside some the industry snobbishness that is sometimes directed towards "mobile content", the right choice of ringback tone, really can make your callers proud, dance and laugh...

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