Friday 21 May 2010

The first post

Is that a bugle I can hear?


Thought not.

Anyway.  I have finally become immersed in social media.  I started with the professionally acceptable LinkedIn and graduated - with a supporting role being played by a combination of friends' peer pressure, work colleagues' expectations and sheer curiosity - through Facebook, onto Twitter and finally, believe it or not, to Foursquare.

And so I'm left on the brink of the next logical step.  A blog.

My first question is "What?". What do I blog about?

Social networks have a (sometimes tenuous) purpose - LinkedIn, to lubricate the professional wheels; Facebook, to keep in touch with and maintain your network of friends; Twitter, to catch and share the breaking and trending news and crazes (I see it as the modern equivalent of housewives chatting over the garden fence); and Foursquare, to... well..... I'm still working that out but I think it's all about one-upmanship (I'm the mayor of 5 places don't you know?).  So what's the point of a blog?  Or should I say, what will the point of MY blog be?

Blogging about family and friends does not fit the bill. At least not unless I want (another) injunction against me.  That leaves my professional life, so I've decided to use this blog as an extension of my tweeting - to pass comment on what I see in the world of mobile (with odd forays into the wider worlds of digital and marketing and maybe the odd tangent into football, public transport or whatever takes my fancy).

I hope that at least some people take the opportunity to read the odd blog, and maybe even come back, and this becomes more than just a place for me to mutter to myself, a digital soapbox so to speak. 

But if that is what it is then at least it will have found its purpose.

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